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What is Trademark Registration in Uttar Pradesh?

Trademark registration in India allows the applicant to use symbols or words to represent a business or the products that are offered by a business to distinguish the goods or services that are offered by them from the competitors. After the trademark is registered in India no other organization cannot use it as long as it remains in use.
The “™” symbol can be used with the trademark applicant with the brand once it is registered. Trademark registration is an asset for the company to protect the brand name it is necessary to apply for trademark registration in India. It is always better to obtain the trademark registration under the guidance of an expert as the process has various steps to be followed and also requires regular follow-up from the government.
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Who is Eligible to obtain Trademark Registration in Uttar Pradesh ?

Trademark registrations are widely used to protect the brand or slogans or coined words that are unique. Trademark registrations in India can be obtained by individuals or businesses or by non-profit organizations. However, each of the different classes of persons or entity that have different requirements while filing the trademark application. The following are eligible for obtaining trademark registration in India.

An Individual (Person)

Joint Owners

Proprietorship Firms

Partnership Firm

Limited Liability Partnership

Indian Company

Foreign Company

Trust or Society

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How to obtain Trademark registration in Uttar Pradesh?

Step 01

Trademark Search

The first step is to conduct a trademark search. The search should be cared out for various combinations of similar marks on the intellectual property website

Step 02

Application Preparation

In the second step, an application is prepared by the Trademark Attorney. Form 48 and TM-1 will be prepared for approval and the signature of the Trademark applicant

Step 03

Government Processing

Once the trademark application is filed and the government is processing the application the status of the trademark application is to be checked periodically. In case there is an objection reply is to be submitted by the applicant within 30 days.

Step 04

Application Filing

In this step, the trademark filing is completed with the trademark registry. The Government fee for registering a trademark for an applicant, startup, a small enterprise is Rs. 4500.

Documents Required For Trademark Registration

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