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What is NGO/Trust Registration in Uttar Pradesh?

One of the main benefits of running an NGO is that you have an opportunity to serve the community via funds and volunteer work. It’s also an opportunity to solve an issue, which is not good for the community. Trust is the most common way of starting an NPO or NGO, with the objectives of demolishing poverty, providing education, and offering medical relief. It can also promote arts, science, and literature.
As per the Indian Trust Act 1882, under a trust, the owner (trustor) can transfer the property to the trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary, along with an edict that the trustee should hold the property for the beneficiaries of the Trust.
The Trusts are irrevocable i.e. they can’t be amended or terminated without the court’s order. Trust is registered under state laws. It is recommended for small charitable activities. A Trust is an organization registered with limited members. In general, the Trusts are incorporated by offering property for a charitable purpose. However, a cash funds might also be grand by the trust or trustees for charitable purposes while incorporating a trust

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Certificates Required For Registering NGO/Trust

Are you running a Non-Profitable Organization that is involved in charitable activities?

Get the benefits of Income Tax exemption & Financial benefits from their taxable income under Section 12A and 80G(5) of the Income Tax Act with www.tender-licence.com
Trust, Society, and Section 8 Company can seek registration Under Section 12A of Income Tax Act to claim an exemption under Income Tax Act 1961 if certain conditions are satisfied.
Section 80G of the Income Tax Act offers a tax deduction on contributions made to certain charitable institutions prescribed under the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Benefits of 12A And 80G Registration

More capital is allowed for charitable activities

Funds and Grants are permitted from recognized Agencies, Government, and International sources.

Can accept International funding with exemptions available under the Foreign Regulation Act, 2010

Attracts more donors, expanding the scope of fulfilling the NGO objectives.

More operational exposure and status value

Both 12A and 80G are one-time registrations and are valid for an NGO’s lifetime.

Eligibility for 12A and 80G Registrations

NGOs working as a Public Charitable Trust or u/s 25 of the Companies Act, 1956 working ONLY for the public welfare

A donation as permitted u/s 80G is allowed for tax exemption

NGO assets should ONLY be used for charitable purposes.

NGOs should correctly maintain Books of Account of their expenditures and receipts

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