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Drug License

We as a Drug License Registration in Lucknow assist in getting your documentation ready and then filing your drug license application online to get your drug license approved. We provide full assistance for your application to get approval for the license. A drug license is mandatory for applicants who want to sell pharmaceuticals and surgical items as well as dental products as per the latest update from the Government of India. License is applied in two ways, first, those who want to sell wholesale have to obtain a wholesale drug license and those who want to sell items at a retail counter have to obtain a retail drug license. So if you are searching for a Drug License Registration in Lucknow you can find us by searching Drug License Registration near me. Even if you are searching for Drug License in Uttar Pradesh you can find us.


Things you should know about Drug License

A drug license is required to start a pharmaceutical business whether retail or wholesale. Food Safety and Drug Administration in Uttar Pradesh allows you to obtain your Drug License. Further, as a drug license registration in Lucknow, we would like to tell you that if you want to run your retail chemist shop then you need to obtain Retail Drug License and if you want to operate bulk supplies of pharmaceutical products then you need to obtain Wholesale Drug License. S0 GET THE DRUG LICENSE NOW.

As per the latest update of FSDA, firms or companies operating in Dental and Surgical products also need to get their drug license. For a wholesale drug license in Uttar Pradesh, you need to have either an experience from a drug license holder or a pharmacist degree and registration with the Pharmacy Council of India. For Retail Drug License in Uttar Pradesh, the competent person should have a pharmacist degree and registration with the pharmacy council of India or they should rent the above two certificates from a person having it.

Drug License Registration Process

Login credentials

Registration of pharmacist and competent person

Application filling


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Types of Drug License


Manufacturing License

The manufacturing license is issued to a firm that is into the manufacturing of allopathic/homoeopathic drugs.


Sale License

The sale license has two subcategories depending upon the type of activity the firm is indulged in.

  1. Drug Wholesale License 
  2. Drug Sale License


Loan License

A loan license is granted to the applicant who is using the resources of the other registered manufacturer (resources Machinery, staff, equipment, etc.) to get drugs manufactured as per the Drugs and manufactured as per the Drugs and Cosmetic Act.


Import License

In case the applicant is willing to import drugs in India from any foreign nation, he/she needs to apply for an import license with CDSCO to obtain the necessary permits to sell them in India.

Documents Required For Drug License Registration

  • Copy of partnership deed if partnership firm
  • Address proof of the proprietor/applicant (copy of voter I.D., driving license)
  • Affidavit of the liable person for day-to-day working and for any violation of laws pertaining to Drugs.
  • Documents related to Pharmacist
  • Documents related to qualified person (for Wholesale license)
  • Documentary proof of rental or ownership basis of the proposed premises
  • Two photographs Proprietor/ Partners/ Authorized person.
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