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What is an Electrical License?

An electrical License Registration is mandatorily required to obtain before applying for any Tender in the country for Contractor work. Every person who is planning to apply for tender of Electrical government works must obtain the Electrical License.

                   Electrical License                  

An Electrical License is a document that proves you are qualified to work with electricity. It is mandatory in some states, and helpful in others. An Electrical License Registration is required in some states to work with electricity. It is helpful in others. Electricity is one of the most important elements in our everyday lives. It powers our homes, businesses and appliances. It’s essential for our safety and prosperity. But it’s also dangerous if not handled correctly. That’s where an Electrical License comes in. It is your proof of qualification to work with electricity safely and efficiently. It is a document that can help you in your career, and protect you from legal consequences if something goes wrong.
An electrical contractor license is a must to carry out electrical works in residential and commercial units like power point installation, switchboard installation, circuit board installation and repair etc. The electrical contractor license is designed for electrical contractors, which is a qualified person who installs, maintains or services and repairs wires, cables and other devices used in the transmission of electric energy.
If you want to learn more about Electrical Licenses and their benefits, Get expert guidance on navigating the Electrical License registration process. We offer a free consultation to help you learn more about the license and what it can do for you. We look forward to helping you on your path to becoming a qualified electrician. Thank you for considering us!

Types of Electrical License

The electrical license in Uttar Pradesh has three categories: electrical wireman license, electrical contractor license, and electrical supervisor license. Let us see, how to get them all the above electrical licenses in Uttar Pradesh state.

Electrical Wireman License

Electrical Supervisor License

Wireman Licence

The wireman licence allows the person to work within the Uttar Pradesh state.


Documents Required:

Electrical Supervisor License

An electrical supervisor license allows the person to supervise the ongoing electrical work within the state.


Electrical engineering or diploma in electrical with one year experience or two year electrical
supervisor course in a Government approved sector.

Documents Required:

Electrical Contractor License

In UP we have two contractor license categories such as Class A and Class B. Class A allows to carry all voltage-level electrical work and the Class B contractor only can do MV and LV electrical work within the district.

Eligibility for Class A License:

Must have the following
The stock of wiring material worth 1,00,000 INR.
One supervisor holding a certificate of competency and two wireman holding permits issued by the electrical inspector of GOVT.
If the work is carried more than one district, you should keep an additional one wireman.
Meggar 500V, voltmeter 0 to 650 AC and DC, Ammeter 0 to 50 Amps both AC and DC and earth tester. All the tools must be tested in the centralized lab.

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