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What is a Hospital Registration?

Government hospitals and private hospitals are the two primary types of hospital setup. Every citizen’s essential requirement and right to leave in a healthy atmosphere is Healthcare.

Before everything else, a hospital’s registration is required to ensure that its medical credentials are valid and authentic.

Understanding Hospital Registration: Importance and Process

Hospital registration is an important step for hospitals seeking to establish themselves as reputable, high-quality healthcare providers in their communities. It may also be necessary to participate in government healthcare programs, receive reimbursement from insurance companies, and maintain credibility with patients and the public.

Hospital registration refers to the process of officially registering a hospital with the appropriate government regulatory body or health authority. This involves providing detailed information about the hospital’s ownership, management, staffing, services, and facilities to the regulatory body, along with any necessary documentation and fees.

The purpose of hospital registration is to ensure that hospitals meet certain minimum standards for safety, quality, and patient care, and to ensure that they are operating legally and ethically. The requirements for hospital registration may vary depending on the jurisdiction and type of hospital, but typically include compliance with health and safety regulations, staffing requirements, and accreditation standards.


The following are some important considerations to keep in mind when registering and licensing a hospital:

  • The government or private Hospital Registration Certificate, Form C, is used to recognize the nature of the hospital.
  • Approval from the appropriate authorities
  • Registration under the Societies Registration Act, 2001
  • Registration under the Companies Act, 2013
  • Registration under the Clinical Establishment Act, 2017
  • Acquiring a unique Director Index Number (DIN NO) for each director of the hospital
  • FSSAI license for operating a kitchen
  • Pharmacy registration is required for medical businesses located on hospital grounds.
  • Pharmacy registration is required for medical businesses located on hospital grounds.
  • Certificate of hospital registration with municipal corporations
  • IMC/SMC registration certificate under the Indian Medical Council Act, 2002
  • Obtaining a trademark registration
  • Vehicle registration for ambulances
  • Licensing of arms under the Arms Act, 1959.
  • Registration for Transplantation of Human Organ Act, 1994
  • Excise permit to store spirit in excess of medicinal requirements

Permits required for hospital setup in Uttar Pradesh.

Land and Construction

A hospital can only be built on non-agricultural land that is available for use. Before any hospital is set up, different approvals and permits are required from the local authority and the government must be obtained.

Water and electricity

According to analysis, a hospital requires about 100 liters of water per bed every day. Depending on whether the hospital is a primary, specialist, or another type of hospital, the water requirements will vary from project to project. The authorization of the appropriate local authority must be obtained before the water and electrical utilities may be made available.


Sanitary measures for waste disposal and drainage systems, such as tanks and pipelines, must be well-planned, and authorization from the local authorities must be secured.

Waste from the Biomedical Industry

Large hospitals, in particular, are required to have an incinerator for the disposal of bio-disposal waste such as body parts and tissues. A smaller hospital cannot afford such costs, and so necessitates the use of minimal space and other mechanical equipment, both of which are expensive in a tiny hospital setting. Permission from the Municipal Corporation will be necessary for such trash disposal, and it must not be hazardous to persons living nearby.

Fire and Health License

Approval of the Fire Department will be required for a large hospital and a health certificate from the local authority after installation of all the beds and equipment in the Hospital. For minor hospitals, a NOC from the fire department will be necessary, and the hospital administration will be responsible for proving that the hospital will not cause any damage or loss of life, which must be obtained from the local municipal council.

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