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What is Digital Signature Certificate in Uttar Pradesh?

Digital Signature is used for validating online transactions such as Income Tax Return E-Filing, Company or LLP Incorporation, Filing Annual Return, etc. Get you Digital Signature Certificate along with token.

Types Of DSC

1- Sign

Sign DSC can be used to sign papers. Signing PDF files for Tax Returns, MCA, and other websites is the most common application. Signing with DSC ensures not only the integrity of the signer but also the integrity of the data. It is evidence of data that has not been tampered with or altered.


Encrypt DSC may only be used to encrypt a document; it is commonly used in tender portals to assist corporations in encrypting and uploading documents. The certificate might potentially be used to encrypt and transfer classified material. Encrypt DSC is ideal for e-commerce documents, legal documents, and document exchange that are extremely confidential and include sensitive information. Encrypt certificate is also available as a standalone solution.

Encryption & Signature

Both signing and encrypting can be done using our Sign & Encrypt DSC. It is useful for users who need to authenticate themselves and keep the information they give confidential. It's used for things like filling out government forms and applications.

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Certificates are Divided into several Categories

Digital Signature Certificate (Class 3): According to IVG guidelines, we also offer class 3 digital signature certificates, which are the most secure and safest of all certifications. It’s mostly used in situations that require a high level of security and safety, such as e-filing, online trading, and e-commerce, where a large sum of money or highly confidential information is at stake.


Patent and Trademark e-filing

MCA e-filing

MCA e-filing

LLP registration

Customs e-filing




Documents required for DSC Application

  • The applicant must submit a completed DSC application form.
  • Photo identification is required.
  • Proof of address
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